Myth Busting Digital Marketing Misconceptions

What is digital marketing? What do digital marketers do all day? How does it even work? Why are there so many misconceptions?

We know that people tend to hold a more traditional viewpoint when it comes to the internet and its capabilities for digital marketing. After all, when people don’t understand something,  they can begin to be hostile about it. So we’re here to educate, and provide an insight into our world of digital marketing. 

Today we’re going to be myth busting these views and discussing some of these common misconceptions about digital marketing, and what you can expect from the industry. Not to be biassed, but we think it’s the greatest job out there! We want to share that same sentiment with others and shine a light on how beneficial digital marketing can be. 

If you’ve ever been interested about what goes on behind the scenes, or are considering a role in digital marketing yourself and would like to know more, keep reading! 

“Digital marketing isn’t important!’ 

When done correctly, marketing equals sales. The strategies we help to create play a hugely important role in developing brand awareness, strengthening customer relationships, ranking higher in search results, creating direct conversions – there’s a lot to it! 

You may not realise it, but much of our work goes on behind the scenes, quietly working away to help you achieve your desired results and targets. 

“They sit around on social media all day!” 

While we concentrate a lot of our time on social media, that’s definitely not all we do! Social media is just one key tool in the digital marketing tool box, and depending on your strategy and goals, will depend on how much time we spend on it. 

The digital marketing tool box covers organic social; paid ads; emails; written articles/blogs; website; SEO and more! Social media is just one small part of what we do. 

“Followers are the only way my business will grow!” 

Important to some, but not 100% true. Although with more followers you can increase your exposure, more followers does not necessarily mean your business will grow alongside those numbers. What would you rather? 1000 followers that never interact with you once they have followed, or 100 customers that directly engage with your business, utilise your service or buy your product? 

We know which one we would rather have… 

“You can’t track how successful digital marketing is!” 

You couldn’t be more wrong! There is so much data to utilise when it comes to digital marketing. Whether that is related to ad campaigns, email campaigns, website clicks – it’s all available and we can utilise it to better your business’ overall results. 

So there you have it, some common digital marketing misconceptions and myths – busted! 

What other myths or misconceptions have you heard of? We would love to get into it more, and share how we can help you – so get in touch today!

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