Who are Tide 55?

We are a team of positive, professional and friendly people with a passion for marketing. We love working with business owners to understand their goals, challenges and what kind of impact they want to make in their marketplace.

Our team works from the Tide 55 office in Andover, Hampshire.

Between us, we cover website design and management, copywriting, content creation, paid advertising, SEO, strategic consulting and everything in between!

The Team

Whilst the majority of work is carried out by our full time team (below) we have a small and trusted network of local freelancers that we call upon for certain specialist projects (ALWAYS led by us)

Tommy Gentleman

Tommy Gentleman

The CEO and Founder of Tide 55.

‘Tommy G’ is our leader. He’s the guy that sets the tone for the company.

He’s an Entrepreneur on a mission to make a positive impact in business and in life.

Tommy is the one that derives the overall strategy with our clients and brings creative vision coupled with an acute awareness to the obvious.

His previous accolades include opening and running a fitness centre, building a personal development events business and, forming a charity and he’s a black belt in 2 martial arts!

Kendall Steventon

Kendall Steventon

Kendall is at the heart of all things Tide 55.

Her incredible array of skills make it rare for a project to run without her input somewhere along the lines!

Kendall was the first employee at Tide 55 and her official title is “Marketing Manager.”

She can run ad campaigns, write emails, build websites, design graphics, build communities and manage clients.

Kendall knows how to dig in and work hard, but she won’t do it unless it’s fun, and we don’t blame her.

Darci Black

Darci Black

Darci is our Content Copywriter at Tide 55.

She joined the company in April 2021 and since then has been responsible for literally millions of social graphics and captions (and counting) as well as masterful blog posts and research papers.

Darci is a real pro at finding out the key information of a business or industry, learning quickly and then writing valuable content to help connect more customers to our clients.

She has a degree in Journalism and a creative streak that produces “on-point” brand content every single day.

our Work

When our clients win, we win. Take a look at some of the projects we have been working on lately.

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