How To Navigate the Changing Digital Marketing Landscape

6 months into 2024, it’s the perfect time to review what the digital marketing landscape looks like! 

As digital marketers, we have to continually deal with the challenges that present themselves within a reactive digital landscape. This is because digital marketing not only encompasses a variety of tools in the online sphere, but it’s also ever-changing and developing. That means that those tools and ideas that we once had may not be as transferable as before. 

Today we’re going to be discussing the ongoing, changing digital marketing landscape, and how we can adapt and navigate it. After all, we’re all in the same boat trying to find our way around this ever-changing landscape… It’s important to share and help out where we can! 

What are the challenges with a changing digital marketing landscape?  

The internet is always changing. Whether that’s algorithm changes, new policies introduced, or just what people want to see, there’s no denying that it can be hard to keep up. And as digital marketing is marketing on the internet, we need to adapt with it. 

For example, there is a growing worry surrounding the use of AI within digital marketing. People assume that with the likes of ChatGPT and image generation that there won’t be any need for digital marketers in certain roles anymore. Can you blame them? It’s our job to prove otherwise. 

Another issue is that sometimes, people just grow to like different things. A few years ago it wasn’t uncommon to log onto Instagram, have a look through stories and see people sharing quotes. But nowadays? You barely see any posts utilising these graphics, with more people favouring the use of aesthetic, photographic content. Now, Instagram was a photo sharing platform to begin with, so it makes sense for it to come full circle. 

Similarly, the rise in TikTok means people have also come to enjoy fun, short-form videos, instead of the likes of IGTV (for example). 

So, how do you navigate this? 

How do we solve this? 

There are many ways to solve the problems highlighted. 

Regarding the rise of AI, we would still argue and call attention to the fact that the human tone can’t be replaced or recreated. There will always be something not quite ‘right’, and for the most part, you can always tell when AI has been used. Furthermore, whilst anyone can have a go at their marketing, it’s the people that live within the digital marketing sphere day in and day out that truly know the industry, and how to best apply certain tools and copy. 

Okay, what about how you adapt and anticipate your audience’s changing interests? 

This is where research, awareness and SEO are really important tools. User behaviour can be hard to predict, so take the uncertainty out of it with programmes such as SEMrush or Moz. Then you can see exactly what your audience is searching for, and can adapt your content accordingly. Also, pay attention to your competitors, and what your own social media feeds look like. It might sound simple, but there can be a real value in merely scoping out what the online world looks like. 

Lastly, data and analytics are so important. For example, some of your social media posts aren’t getting much engagement, but some are doing really well? Use more of what’s working well, and dial it down on what isn’t. Or what about a recent email campaign that had a high click rate? Try to recreate it and look for the patterns that are working well!

Why is it important? 

It’s important to always try and stay at the forefront of these changes, to ensure you’re always posting the best content for you and your clients. Or sending out the best emails. Or creating the most relevant ad content. 

The digital marketing landscape is always changing – don’t get left behind. If you’re looking for specific advice and help, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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