Breaking Down the Value of Social Media

What is the value of social media? How beneficial is this tool in your overall marketing strategy? What are you missing out on when it comes to social media, and your place within its community? 

Your presence on social media is more powerful than you may think! Although different companies will require different approaches to social media, when used correctly, it can be a highly effective and beneficial tool for your business. 

Today we are going to be exploring the true value of social media, and the ways that you can better utilise this essential tool! 

Quality vs. Quantity 

Quality or quantity? It’s a compromise, not a choice! When it comes to your social media content, both quality and quantity are highly important in ensuring your success. 

The value of quantity is linked to consistency. If you’re not always in your potential customer’s feed then you’re at risk of becoming irrelevant! You should be posting a minimum of 3-7 times a week to establish your presence. The value of quality is important as you want your great content to catch potential customers, over the attention of your competitors. 

Your social media content should be a combination of both! Don’t compromise on one or the other.

Once you have quality content established and consistently circulating, where do you go from there? Posting isn’t necessarily enough… 

Presence vs. Engagement 

At a face value, social media is a great way to build an awareness of your brand. This is because it helps to circulate your content to the appropriate audiences. But how beneficial is your presence alone? 

It’s more important to be engaging with people on social media than looking at it from a superficial standpoint – such as how many followers you have, how many likes you have etc. because these numbers do not always equal direct results. 

One person who engages with your brand and progresses along the customer journey, is far more valuable than 10 people who simply follow your content for the fun of it, and never interact! Whilst exposure is always very important, when it comes to social media, the people that become customers because of it are the most valuable on these platforms.

Social media enables people to make connections and start conversations around you and your product/service. The true value of social media therefore lies in the engagement with your brand and your services or products! 

Social Media vs. The Rest of Your Marketing Toolbox

Now that we have understood the true value of social media, how does it compare to the rest of the digital marketing toolbox? 

Social media can be a hugely important tool! Especially when it is utilised alongside the rest of the marketing toolbox, rather than prioritised or underestimated. It can be incorporated into all other aspects of your marketing strategy and toolbox such as: 

  • Social media paid ads 
  • Links via marketing emails 
  • Drive conversations and call to actions towards your website 

The value of social media is one that benefits every business, no matter what you may be selling. 

How are you utilising social media to its full potential? Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss further!

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