The Importance of a Website: Your Digital Shopfront

What does your website currently look like? 

Does it need updating? When was the last time it was updated? Is it helping potential customers along the customer journey? These are all key questions to consider when looking at the appearance of your website, as it is more important than you may think. 

Today we’re going to be discussing the overall importance of your website as your digital shopfront, and some of the things you should consider, particularly if it’s time to give it a fresh look. 

Why is your website so important? 

Your website is your digital shopfront – it’s one of the most important aspects of your overall digital marketing efforts. 

There is a useful analogy Tommy, our CEO, often uses when describing its importance. Think of your website as if it were a physical shop. It is the first thing people will see when they enter your ecosystem. If the right people or the right tools aren’t there to help them along the way, they are going to turn around and walk out the door. 

Similarly, think about how all your digital marketing efforts such as organic social, paid ads, and emails, are sending your potential customers towards the website. If it looks bad, has a poor user experience, or just doesn’t provide them with the information they need to know, they’re going to quickly exit off. 

What does your website need to include? 

Firstly, your homepage is the most important page of them all – it’s usually the first one that customers will see, so it needs to hook them in. You never get a second chance at a great first impression! 

Note that these things will differentiate depending on if your business is ecommerce or services based, B2B, B2C etc. but will typically require the same types of features: 

  1. A call-to-action – encouraging them to look deeper into your website and its offering 
  2. Easy contact information – ultimately, they need to be able to get in touch with you (particularly for B2B!) 
  3. Easy access to your product – whether that’s your top products or a brief overview of your services 
  4. Proof – in the form of case studies, testimonials and reviews 

Don’t want to do it yourself? 

Understandably, it can all be a bit overwhelming at first. But that’s what we’re here for! Whether you need a few tweaks, a re-vamp or a completely new site, we can work closely with you to bring your business to life. 

Here’s a few examples of websites we’ve worked on in the past: 

Andover RFC

This club needed a fresh digital shopfront and hub, reflecting their values and personality. We worked to upgrade Andover RFC’s website from a standard club template to a bespoke site, reflecting the club’s quality.

Anton Saws

A brand new website to help facilitate the customer journey, as well as improving the overall appearance and website branding. 

Enjoy! Free From Chocolate

In line with their rebrand, we helped redesign the website, as well as continuing to manage it with continuous updates as necessary. 

Evergreen Mortgages 

We worked closely with the business owner to create a professional, high quality website, providing a hub of mortgage information and resources.

Last but not least, we’ve recently revamped and relaunched our website! 

Have a look around our new website! 

Our digital marketing agency has evolved and developed over the last year, with new team members, new clients and new service offerings. We needed a new digital shopfront to reflect those changes, creating a new, slick and modern website. 

We want to be a source of helpful information and insights, staying on the front foot of our industry. Tide 55 provide high quality services to our clients, and we want to reflect that within our own content. 

Our website and branding revamp has meant we’ve lost the orange, with a heavy focus on a minimal, sleek look – with a hint of teal to incorporate our core Tide 55 branding. 

So, don’t forget to have a look around our new website and check out all it has to offer. If you’re feeling inspired and wanting to revamp – or create – your own digital shopfront, then get in touch or fill out the form below!

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