Why You Can’t Take Shortcuts in Digital Marketing

Is it possible to take shortcuts in the digital marketing industry? 

Working in the digital marketing world is full of exciting opportunities! But, it’s also filled with plenty of challenges. During these challenging situations you may be faced with the question – is there a shortcut around this? 

While it might be tempting to look for shortcuts and to cheat your way through the digital marketing process, we’re here to tell you that it’s not worth it!

Today we’re going to be taking a problem-solution-benefits approach as to why you can’t take shortcuts in digital marketing. After all, we’ve seen it happen first hand and we’re here to pass on our wisdom! 

The problem: 

We understand what the problem is. Within the digital marketing world, there are some tasks that take a lot of time and dedication to execute. 

Some of these tasks may look like: 

  • Building an email list 
  • Building a following on your social media platforms 
  • Creating SEO links 

Whilst lengthy, these tasks have to take time. For example, growing an email list sustainably and organically means these customers are actually interested and want to engage with your product. The problem with buying a list is that these people have no idea who you are, and will be reluctant to engage with your emails. 

You risk becoming annoying and subsequently will harm your reputation. You don’t want to risk losing an entire client base altogether. 

The solution:

Digital marketing requires time and effort. There’s no getting around that. It’s your job to prove that your product, services and value is worth it! 

A shortcut is not the answer. But there are many ways in which you can build a list, following or links without hindering your overall success. 

Take your following for example. Whilst you do not need a big following to become successful, if it’s something that you want then there are ways to work towards it. Dedicating just half an hour a day towards engaging with potential clients, interacting within the comments and sharing interesting stories and reels are a great way to increase your online presence without buying followers. 

When it comes to building your email list, you can create useful tools and engaging content to ensure your customers will want to interact with it. Wouldn’t you rather have a list that has chosen to opt in, thus showing a clear interest in your products, than trying to negotiate with a list that clearly isn’t interested? 

The benefits: 

As we prefaced earlier, there are clear benefits to organically building and maintaining your digital marketing strategy and presence, in comparison to looking for a shortcut and cheating your way through the process. 

Building any lists ensures that you will be interacting with people who are actually interested, rather than the ones you paid to be there. It will also create less issues down the line, particularly when it comes to spam or toxic links. 

We’ll say it again – digital marketing requires time and effort. There are no shortcuts. There are only quick answers that lead to problems in the future, which aren’t worth it! 

If you’re looking to cheat your way through your digital marketing strategy because you don’t have enough time to dedicate towards it, we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you, and save you from any problems in the future!

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