Introducing Tide 55’s Business Growth Forum

Here at Tide 55, the whole team is excited to be able to share our brand new offering – our Business Growth Forum! 

We’ve been working hard at this project for months! We’re proud that it’s finally ready to start sharing with our founding members, and with the digital marketing and business development world. 

Here at Tide 55 Digital Marketing Agency, we offer a wide range of marketing services to businesses to help them achieve their business based results and goals. This new offering will help and provide small businesses with extra support and education, without the need for our monthly management services. 

Today we’ll be taking you through what this exciting new Business Growth Forum will entail. We want to help to reduce overwhelm and stress, and increase confidence, clarity and revenue! 

Weekly Marketing Insights 

Each week, we’ll be able to take you through what’s working, and what isn’t. Part of these weekly updates will include proven insights from work we are actively doing with our clients. From there we can help to apply these to your own marketing strategy. 

In these posts, we will update you on the latest updates in the marketing world and what that may mean moving forward. Lastly, we’ll share some quick wins with the group, and any creative insights we come across! 

Weekly Business Development 

Another key value from the Business Growth Forum will be the weekly business development section from Tommy. In the video each week, he’ll be discussing one of Tide 55’s 6 core pillars of business. This will include how they can and will be applied to your business. 


This is the direct line of communication and support you will have with the Tide 55 team, where we can help you with your tech, and your marketing inquiries. 

Headaches? Glitches? Errors? Burning questions? Feel free to ask us all! This is your opportunity for regular questions and answers. 

Bonus content from the Business Growth Forum! 

As Forum progresses, we’ll be offering you more exclusive, bonus content. This will include extra training videos, mini courses, marketing templates, email copy templates, sales copy templates, and up to 10% off our monthly management services. 

What you may know about Tide 55 are our extensive marketing services, helping businesses to achieve their business based results. However, this Forum will not only combine our key marketing services, but also seek to help your business with its core strategy. Ultimately, we want to help your business to grow!

We’re very excited to get this project going. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Business Growth Forum, make sure you get in touch

Watch this space, we’ve got exciting things coming very soon…

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