Have Fun with Brand Personality

Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time… 

Of course, your tone on social media and within your content should reflect the overall tone of your business, but there is no set definition on what your personality can entail. There is never any harm in a bit of fun every once in a while! 

Today we’re going to be talking about the importance of brand personality, and having fun with the content that you post on your social media. These things can make or break the way that potential customers interact with your social media pages, so it’s an important aspect to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new business or already well-established, all businesses can benefit from personality! 

Having fun with your content… 

…Otherwise known as adding personality to your business! 

Naturally, every business is different, with the tone of some being considerably more serious than others. However, every business can benefit from personality in some way or another. That is what we’re going to be exploring today! 

Why do you need to show brand personality? 

Although your content may already be interesting, informative and entertaining, the key factor that makes people engage is personality. If you have a unique brand personality, this will set you apart from your competitors. So what are the benefits of having a brand personality and having fun? 


Firstly, it creates trust in your brand. Brand personality amplifies the realness behind your brand, which in turn leads to trust. People are more willing to engage with your brand if they know that they can trust you! 


If you establish your brand personality early on, this allows you more creative freedom and expression, rather than being bound by the limitations of the same content, every day. This is the chance to have some real fun with your content, jumping on trends and the events happening across the year – where appropriate, of course. 


Reach new audiences by getting your content out there. Brand personality enables you to act quickly and jump on new opportunities and trends, exposing your brand to a wider audience, and brand new potential customers. 

How can you add personality to your content? 

There are simple but effective ways to add personality to your content, and effect how your content is received by potential and returning customers. 


How are you conveying your personality through written copy? What is your attitude? What specific language choices are you going to make? This will help your audience make a more personal connection to your content.  


Potential customers will recognise design elements first, so what choices are you going to make regarding: colour, theme, font? These are all important choices that will reflect your overall brand personality. 

Once you have established your personality, this leaves more room to have fun with your content, and experiment with different imagery, memes etc. where they are appropriate, in line with your business overall. 

It’s easy to have fun with your content, but it’s also important to know when. People engage with personality, but if used wrong it can break that trust you have established. You have to find the right balance! 

How are you using brand personality? Drop us a message today!

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