How Many Followers Should You Have?

If you’re on social media (which you should be), this is an age old question I’m sure we all find ourselves asking time and time again. 

“No one will take me seriously unless I have 1000s of followers! How can I get more? I need more than my competitors!” 

Now, follower count is important, but only to an extent. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to social media. There’s a lot more to social media than just followers, and that’s what we’re going to be discussing in today’s blog post! 

What is a follower? 

Put simply, a follower is someone who is interested in seeing more of your content! They’ve made the active decision to follow you, moving within your ecosystem and supporting your message. 

How many followers do you need? 

The short answer is that it varies depending on the type of business you have. But as a rule of thumb, the minimum you should aim for is at least 200. After all, as humans we like to see that other people are engaging with something, and an account with less than 200 may seem like something not worth engaging with. 

But followers are still not customers yet, which is important to remember for the following points. 

Distorted importance

The superficial world of business has led to a very distorted view on the importance of followers. Influencers have also played a big role in this distortion. As a business, you have to be able to leave your ego out of it and focus on what’s important. 

Build it, and they will come

Your organic content has more of an impact than you may think. Every time you post something that is useful, valuable, helpful, it will bring people into your ecosystem. 

Is there a better way? 

Social media is marketing. All marketing ends with the pursuit of revenue. How do you get people interested in your services and products? 

How many other ways are there to get someone’s attention, convert it to traffic, and turn that into an action? Using paid advertising, you can shortcut this entire process and reach hundreds, thousands of people! 

This is just a small insight into how we view this question at Tide 55. Make sure you tune into our CEO Tommy Gentleman’s video if you would like more information on this topic: 

Business Social Media Marketing! How many followers should you have?

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