The Rebrand of Facebook and Entering the Metaverse

Imagine an immersive, 3D world. A shared online space, representing the future of the Internet. The potential, the possibilities of a virtual environment.

But wait, haven’t you heard? The truth behind this is that you don’t really have to imagine anymore. 

The reality is, we’re one step closer on a journey to that digital world – the world that is the Metaverse. Although it sounds like a title for an old school sci-fi film, it’s becoming more and more likely every day. 

So a new virtual world… 

What has this got to do with Facebook? 

Well, let’s begin with the fact that Facebook is no longer Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has rebranded the conglomerate as ‘Meta’, although the apps Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will stay under the same names. This is to encompass the true extent of what the company is looking to do, as opposed to representing a singular brand. 

It’s not just Meta (Facebook) seeking to make this jump either. There are a number of companies looking to make this real-life Internet a reality. The exception is that Mark Zuckerberg has the money to make real progress, rather than just an idea. 

What can we expect from the Metaverse? 

It is described as a virtual environment, a place we can enter as opposed to just looking at it on a screen. Using VR headsets and augmented reality glasses, we can jump into interconnected realities and online communities – spaces where people can work together, live and play. 

Thinking about this seriously, it could revolutionise life itself. I’m not exaggerating either…

Our entire work dynamic could change. No longer would we need to meet and work in offices, when we could simply ‘step’ into the online. In reflection of life post-pandemic, it would remove uncertainties of large crowds such as concerts, as we could all simply watch them live in the Metaverse. 

Our CEO Tommy notes that:

“It’s more important than ever to have a healthy relationship with the Internet. Social media is at the forefront of our digital activity and all of it is an extension of our own consciousness. It’s a tool that we can choose to use for positive or negative reasons. When these changes really kick in and become mainstream, we will have to hold a pure and balanced view on where our attention, energy and self worth belong. This could pave the way for expansion if we intend it to do so. Likewise for limitations. We each define the outcome collectively. It’s an exciting time to be alive!”

What does it mean?

Although we still do not know the true extent of what the Metaverse may look like, these changes highlight that our current relationships with the Internet are more important than ever. A positive relationship is key, but with all these changes it can also be frightening. It’s okay to feel that way.

It brings about an entirely different conversation to the table. With a company that often faces large scale power outages across its different platforms, how will this translate within a new virtual environment? What happens when the Metaverse goes down? 

No one has the answers yet, but they’re becoming increasingly important as this new online space becomes a reality. In a world that is still full of Internet unknowns, how will we deal with the biggest unknown of them all? 

Facebook – sorry, Meta – is revolutionising the world as we know it. Are you ready to enter the Metaverse?

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