Instagram: A Variety of Video Content

Instagram is quickly becoming a platform for video. It is even anticipated to step away from being a ‘photo sharing app’ entirely. But for the time being the app continues to introduce new video features. They are often difficult to distinguish between, and to understand their different functions…

Today I am going to be breaking down each of the features – post, story, reels and IGTV – and how each can be used efficiently within your marketing strategy. 


Let’s begin with the original introduced back in 2013! Post up to 1 minute’s worth of content, externally or through the comforts of your phone’s camera – whichever is more suited to your business’ image. 

There’s no limit to what you can do with your content within these video posts! Whether that is fun, short videos, informative infographics or showcasing your products – experiment with a wide variety to build your brand up. Audiences love videos too, because it shows trust and reliability from a business. 


Upon this feature’s introduction in 2016, there were some controversies surrounding the similarities to Snapchat. This prompted many users to avoid it altogether for a period of time. But now businesses and influencers are huge fans, and it’s not hard to understand why. 

These are much shorter, at a maximum of 15 seconds long. However, due to their 24 hour span they are great for updates and building engagement! 


Instagram reels allow for longer videos up to a minute long. They are similar to TikTok as you can simply scroll through a number of different reels, liking and commenting as you go. They are also convenient as you can change filters, add music and text, all within the app. 

The reels algorithm is great for putting your content in front of new users. If this is your intention, your content has to be engaging and attention grabbing!


Lastly, IGTV is great as it allows you to post even longer videos. You can post up to 15 minutes through the app, or up to an hour long through desktop. This opens up more opportunities for content creation, such as educational videos, or product demonstrations. 

It’s also great for content that is more formal and professional, as opposed to post through reels or stories. 

So there you have it! The difference between the different video formats. Instagram is a must when it comes to digital marketing due to its vast potential and capabilities. 

How will you integrate your content into these different formats?

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