Do You Know What The Customer Journey Is?

Do you know what the customer journey is? 

When it comes to marketing, and digital marketing specifically, it can be easy to forget what the purpose is. Why are we creating all this content, and who are we making it for? 

Everything that goes out on your social media platforms, or on your website, or in your emails, or in your videos should have a purpose. That purpose needs to guide your audience along the customer journey towards your product or service! 

What is the customer journey? 

So what actually is the customer journey? What’s the point? 

It’s actually rather simple! The customer journey is the journey the customer should take from the initial time they encounter your brand, all the way through to buying your product or service. 

Also, it’s important to note that there are different stages along the customer journey, and not every experience will be the same. The customer journey doesn’t always end at the purchase either… You want them to leave their feedback, encourage others to purchase with you, and return again themselves! Once you understand this, you can start to understand what you should be doing to lead them there. 

What should you be doing? 

We’ve established that you need to be using targeted content to hand the customer along the next stage of the journey. This content is going to change as the customer progresses along that journey. 

So what do some of those stages look like, and how do you reflect this in your content? 

First there are the awareness stages – trying to attract potential customers to look at your content and to take an interest. You want to increase impressions and awareness, and how long people are spending time looking at your content. 

Next you are looking towards engagement and conversions – trying to turn these leads into purchases. It might seem like this is the end goal, but what happens in the next stage is very important. 

Lastly at the end stage, you want your customers to promote and repeat – that means leaving reviews, recommending products and buying those products again! Here you are going to be increasing customer value and purchase frequency, and encouraging those repeat purchases. 

To summarise, in all stages this can all be simplified down to one simple step: 

Every piece of content needs to include a call to action!

The result 

By tuning your marketing into the customer journey, you will have a successful strategy in place every time. 

After all, customers need to be shown the way – this needs to be clear in all your content! You should be guiding them to your product, rather than leaving them to stumble across it… 

Fine tune your content and watch the results! Get in touch today to see how we can help you achieve that.

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