Privacy vs. Personalisation – Why Do We Care?

An interesting topic in the digital marketing world is the issue of privacy – a topic that is becoming more and more prevalent in our increasingly digital society. 

Content is constantly being curated as a result of (sometimes unknowingly) direct interaction with the targeted consumer. Consequently, the way customer data is gathered has a huge impact on what content is created. 

But is it really an issue of privacy? How many people actually care? Would they rather personalisation over privacy? Is there any such thing as privacy anymore when it comes to marketing? 

These are all important questions, and something that we’re going to be discussing today! 

How much privacy do we have? 

Privacy is part of a wider discussion when it comes to the internet – one that is not just limited to marketing. This links with the way that customer data is gathered, and its uses within data-driven marketing specifically. So what are the three main concerns when it comes to privacy? (Source: LXA/MarTech Alliance)  

  1. How do companies collect, and store data? 
  2. Is this data shared with third parties? 
  3. What are the regulatory laws? 

What does customer data do? 

It might be an obvious question, but how does this data help marketers? Undoubtedly, it improves the overall customer experience, as the company knows exactly what the consumer wants, and is able to target their message around that! It also ensures that their content and ads are targeting the right people, and the people that want to see it. 

This data can help brands understand the customer better, and understand the customer journey – how to move them along the different stages. 

Therefore, it is this argument that leads people to prefer personalisation over privacy… 

What do people prefer? 

Contrary to popular belief, many people prefer personalisation in comparison to privacy. 

But personalisation over privacy is not the only preference. Many people prefer personalisation over a number of other factors, which is important when it comes to digital marketing. For example, in a study conducted by Adobe, almost half (42%) of respondents indicated that a lack of personalisation is more likely to drive them away from a purchase than poor design or a lack of optimisation (source: Forbes).  

It all comes down to an issue of convenience over privacy – people care less when they receive more! 

Customer data is a hugely important tool, and the future of marketing will continue to use this data in new and exciting ways. 

What do you think? Drop us a message today!

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