Which Social Platform Should Your Business Use?

We all know that different social platforms are great for different reasons, so which one should you be using? Social media isn’t one size fits all! 

How can you reach your audience differently on different platforms? 

If you’re new to us here at Tide 55 – hi! We want to help you get the most out of your marketing strategy, so here are just a few tips about which social platform your business should be using. 


The OG. 

People tend to overlook Facebook now because it’s “outdated” and “dying”, but we disagree. In Quarter 2 of 2021, Facebook was still the most popular social media used worldwide, with 2.89 billion active users! How do you even fathom that amount of people, and then try to say it’s a dying social media? Try again. 

In the UK, the largest group of Facebook users are aged between 25-34, which is highly significant when it comes to which demographic you want to target. What can millennials do for your business? Are they your target audience? If this is the case, Facebook has to be a part of your marketing strategy. 

So whilst Facebook may not originally be worth thinking about, it will always dominate the online space. It owns Instagram and WhatsApp which means they have a huge chunk of ownership in the digital world – imagine what this means for your business to be a part of that world? 

Never forget the OG. 


The internet gurus. 

There’s no denying the significance of Instagram as a powerful marketing tool. There are numerous, beneficial features to use, not restricted to: stories, reels, insights, advertisements, live streams, consumer interaction – the list really does go on. As we’ve already established too, they are owned by Facebook which indicates an exciting premise for your business already! 

Equally, we have to recognise the demographics of Instagram and how they can be used to your advantage. More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 or younger. These are a hugely influential group of people who are eager to get involved with you and your business. 

We all just love looking at photos all day anyway, right? Especially if you have some great looking content! 


Career driven. Focused. If your business offers an explicit career based service, then this app is the one for you! 

People often think that LinkedIn is just for recruitment, but it offers so much more! 

There’s no doubt that this app is far more professional than some of the others that we have considered, but that doesn’t mean you should rule it out altogether if you’re not *that* serious of a brand. 

It helps you to build credibility, expand your network and connections and get an insight to your competitors. More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn, and 690 million members across the platform – you should add to that number. 


Fun and interactive! 

Everyone likes engaging with brands on Twitter, it’s perfect for quick paced, direct communication. This platform gives your business the opportunity to receive feedback from your customers and deliver customer service. 

One particular reason for using Twitter is solidifying your brand identity and personality. Not everyone wants to be bombarded with sales all the time – using Twitter allows to take potential customers out of the direct line of advertising, but still creates that relationship between the two. 

Twitter makes your brand memorable. It’s fun, fast paced and engaging. If you don’t desire this type of interaction or content, then maybe it’s not for you – but that’s okay! Marketing strategies are not dependent on putting your brand everywhere, it’s about finding the right platforms for your brand. 

We would also need to talk about the new, evolving social media that we haven’t even considered in this post, like TikTok! But there’s so many platforms and this post would be pages long if we got around to talking about them all… guess we’ll have to make a part 2!  

Although we hope to have made things a bit clearer, if after everything you’re still unsure about which platform you should be using, make sure to get in touch. As always, we’d be more than happy to help!

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