The Importance of Social Engagement

How are you factoring social engagement into your digital marketing strategy? 

We understand you may be wondering why social engagement is so important. Think of it this way – how often do you post something on your social media platforms, and then just let it sit there? Soon you find that it gets lost within the sea of content. That is unless you ride the wave and keep it relevant! 

Today we’re going to be talking about why you need to be more engaging on your social media platforms. We’ll also be covering the benefits it can have for your business in the long term. 

As with everything in the digital marketing world, these things generally do not happen instantly. Stick with your social engagement strategy, and you will soon see the benefits! Let’s get into it… 

What is social engagement? 

Social engagement is defined in two ways – how people interact with your organic posting, and how you interact with others. The first can be a way to measure how people are interacting with your content, but we wouldn’t recommend focusing on that as an indication of success. That’s why we’re focusing on the latter today! 

Social engagement is simply engaging on social media. This includes, but isn’t limited to, liking other businesses/customers posts, replying to comments, sending direct messages and sharing useful content. 

Why is it important? 

Social engagement is so important because it helps to build, develop and maintain online relationships. You can reach a much wider audience through engaging, as long as they have access to the internet! Social engagement is paramount for creating connections with businesses and customers, especially when compared to just posting and then disappearing. 

How can you use it more effectively? 

You don’t have to dedicate much time towards engagement, anything and everything you contribute towards it can help towards making a difference! Spending just half an hour in the morning replying to comments, reaching out to potential customers and interacting with your community can help increase your overall visibility. 

Your customers are online, it’s time you made an effort to reach them! 

For more help with your social media strategy as a whole, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Tide 55.

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