The Importance of Genuine Connections

When we think of popular social media platforms, we are naturally drawn to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Perhaps we might add TikTok into that equation now. The rise of short, fun videos that capture our short attention spans has had a huge influence on the rise of video on other platforms too! 

But as of January 2022, did you know that the favourite social media platform amongst internet users aged 16-64, is none of the ones mentioned above? It might come to you as a shock, but WhatsApp is actually the favourite social media platform!* 

But does this really come as a shock? 

The importance of connections on social media have always been a key aspect within marketing. After all, online communities are more and more prevalent in fostering engagement and creating genuine relationships. 

While this doesn’t mean we should start conducting our digital marketing via Whatsapp, there are some important tips that can be taken from this fact. 

Why do connections matter? 

People want to be listened to, and want to feel connected to something. Personalisation is a key factor when it comes to connections. This is because audiences want to know a brand is addressing and targeting them. They want to know their thoughts and concerns are being listened to, which makes them more likely to follow along the customer journey. 

People want to feel as though they are part of a community, and your brand can make them feel like that. Positioning yourself as a trusted part of the community can also set you apart from your competitors, as an interactive, trusted authority. 

How can brands connect? 

Human connections are becoming more and more present within marketing. It’s something that we all need to consider. 

Listen and learn about what your customers want. The sweet spot of marketing is that middle ground between what they want, and what you are offering! After all, you need to be genuine with your audience, in order to get genuine engagement back. 

Marketing is not just about selling anymore. It’s all about the people. People who are selling, and those who are buying. If this is something that you’re struggling with, then get in touch!

*Source: https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2022-favourite-social-platforms

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