We were tasked with bringing Evergreen Mortgages to life, starting completely from scratch. From helping to build the brand, logo, and website, through to ongoing help with social media, SEO and consulting.


Marketing Support

This was a completely new project, starting from scratch! It all started with a business idea – Jenny knew exactly what she wanted but needed our help executing it and bringing the business to life. We were tasked with creating a professional, friendly and informative website, from someone that genuinely cares about every single customer. This would include creating the branding, a logo, a website, setting up the social media accounts, and more!


The Process

This was quite a staggered process, taking the project through different phases – from its very foundations such as the business name and logo, through to the ongoing help such as social media and SEO.

The Outcome

A professional, high quality website providing a hub of mortgage information and resources. Everyone at the Tide team has had involvement with this project, making it such an exciting case study to be a part of. The social media is already bringing awareness to the brand, spreading the word, and the website has a great foundation to build upon with SEO!

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