5 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Content is everywhere. But what about engaging content? 

We are all daily consumers of great content across a number of platforms, but as producers, it’s not always easy to hold the attention of your audience. You don’t want to let your competition take front and centre in your prospect’s minds – you need to make your business heard above the noise of your competitors! 

At Tide 55 we live and breathe content, it’s what we do. We understand that it’s one thing to be seen by an audience, but it’s another to have that audience engage with you. 

Like we said earlier, content is everywhere. So how are you going to make your content stand out? 

Here’s five tips for you to consider when making content! 

Pictures, not paragraphs. 

Or in other words, show don’t tell! The way we consume content is very simple – scrolling. You want to create content that is going to catch your audience’s attention and make them stop scrolling. Essays and long sections of text are not going to do that. If you need to do it, leave the paragraphs for the captions. 

Take advantage of user generated content. 

We will go over it as many times as it takes! User generated content is key. Ready made content, a testimonial of your business. No matter how many times you tell someone about your product, your audience will always trust their peers more – people trust people. This alone creates engagement, encouraging others alike to share your product, to tag you in posts and create a community of like minded followers. 

What is your hashtag strategy?

By using the right hashtags, your content will be placed in front of the right audience. It’s a simple tip that can have a big impact. But remember that not all hashtags are compatible on all social media platforms. For example, multiple hashtags are ideal for Instagram, but for LinkedIn and Facebook, err on the side of caution and go for 1-3. 

Keep an eye out for current trends.

Audiences will engage with on trend topics. By incorporating these key events into your content, you will bring your business into relevant conversations, bringing the discussion to your product. Respond to the events that your audiences care about, in a way that isn’t superficial, but will create meaningful engagement! 

Avoid repetition.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s a good idea to reuse reliable content. Sure, it’s safe. But it’s also boring. Even the smallest changes to your trusted templates, such as colours or images, creates a fresh look on your feed. You won’t be seen as a brand that doesn’t put any effort into their content. Audiences will want to engage with you. 

Audiences want meaningful connections with your content, but it won’t always be easy. There’s no denying it is a challenge to stand out, but one that is highly beneficial to your business, and one that will always reap rewards. 

If you’re struggling to find the time to create engaging content for your business, or are heavily reliant on the same templates, get in touch today. Our content creation service is staple to all of our offerings, with a creative team that will dedicate to your brand and target audience. 

Make your content meaningful again.

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