2023 at Tide 55: A Year in Review

December 2023 – can you believe we’re almost at the end of the year? 

Is it a cliché to say this year has flown by? It’s been our best year yet here at Tide 55, with so many exciting things happening over the past 12 months. January looked very different to where we are now! 

Today I’m going to be taking you through some of our highlights as a digital marketing agency, and what our 2023 in review looks like. We’re at a very different stage than we were in January, and are looking forward to building and improving even more in 2024. 

A new addition to our Tide 55 team 

Tide 55 went into January 2023 consisting of three people: Tommy; Kendall; and Darci. As a company, we’re always looking to provide the best service for our clients. To be able to continue working at a high level we needed a new member to help share the workload. 

Emily joined us in March, and has been such an integral part of our team ever since. Working on socials, emails, videos and SEO, she has been a real asset. I can’t picture life pre-Emily at Tide now! 

Started our new Tide Talks series

The addition of Emily also meant the debut of a brand new series on YouTube – Tide Talks. Tommy and Emily have been working together to bring viewers behind the scenes of some of our campaigns, marketing news, tips and tricks, and a whole lot more! 

Launching our Business Growth Forum 

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on our Business Growth Forum for a long time. 2023 was the year to make it happen. Our goal with Forum is to be able to provide small businesses with extra support and education, without the need for our monthly management services. 

Offering weekly marketing insights, weekly business development, troubleshooting and bonus content, we believe that the Business Growth Forum will be a real asset to our Tide 55 services

Hosting the first Andover Business Growth Group 

Another exciting development for us here at Tide 55 was hosting our first few Andover Business Growth Group sessions! Meeting at the Gin Palace, local business owners are able to come together once a month and ask important questions, and learn more about the things that will matter for their businesses specifically. 

With Tommy predominantly running the event, Kendall on hand to offer additional support, Emily documenting the session behind the scenes, and myself participating to get a first hand experience of how the event runs – it was certainly a success! 

Helped our amazing clients grow and succeed! 

This was just an overview of what we’ve achieved this year as an agency. But we’ve also helped our clients accomplish their business based goals throughout the year. We’re extremely proud to be able to continue to help them succeed, and to have helped them is extremely rewarding. 

Whether it’s been our regular monthly marketing or helping start up companies, we’ve enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects – like helping Evergreen Mortgages develop their logo, website, social media and more! 

So thank you to all our wonderful clients we’ve worked with, and projects we’ve worked on throughout the year – we’re looking forward to what 2024 will bring! 

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